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Well, there are a couple of options here from which you can choose. If you are a tax payer who earns a pretty high income and resides in high-income-tax regions, it is wise to invest in bonds, Treasury bills, and notes to save on tax. Although subject to local or national laws, mostly, the interest on Treasuries are not free from any state and local income tax.

Even the interest on local or state is usually given exemption from federal tax and state/locality tax. This is perhaps the reason why low interest in paid on bonds than the one on commercial bonds. For holding growth stocks for a long term, there is no tax on the appreciation. However, the tax is levied when you sell them.

Well, this is simple! You can do so by using tax-deferred retirement accounts. Through them, it becomes easy and smooth to invest some money that you would otherwise have let go in paying taxes to raise the retirement fund amount.

Luckily, several companies as employers are providing schemes or plans through which you can opt to defer some amount of your salary and donate the same to this retirement account. For several employers, these are popular as 401(k) plans. For other employers such as educational institutions, they are popular as 403(b).

Yes! Do keep it, as it has some benefits. Doing so allows referring to the past year’s return while making it for this year. Through it, you can easily get a reminder of forgotten deductions. Further, there might be some details in the old returns, which would be useful later.

Another great reason is for an IRS audit. If the IRS comes at your place to audit, the auditor is likely to ask you for the returns of last few years. IRS is not going to have those old details handy.

Consider preserving the old returns forever, particularly if they have information such as the house tax basis. Possibly, retaining them for four to five years is otherwise enough.

It is vital for you to comprehend that a lawyer’s fees are negotiable. However, the lawyer will never willingly bargain. So, you need to follow some tips to save on these fees.

Start by hiring a lawyer for some specific work such as writing a letter to the other party or for reviewing and endorsing documents for a court hearing. Many lawyers are open to have a lower fee if you choose them as per such specific tasks.

Be prepared for the meetings with the lawyer. Collect all possible details. The more prepared you are, the less time the lawyer will take in finding the details and less will be the fees. Similarly, giving full and right answers also saves much work time and money.

This is subject to the local and national laws. You may go for an instant expense deduction of up to $1,020,000 since 2018 for equipment brought for business use rather than writing it off across several years. A phaseout limit is applicable, which is of $2,550,000 as of 2019. In addition, you can get full deduction of your own health insurance premiums.