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Star Blatt provides services ranging from QuickBooks to annual audits and everything in between.

What we Do

Individual & Corporates Accounting Services


Lack of information of any time can make you take wrong decisions. This is something your business never faces with our services.


Not paying taxes on time can later put you into fan unavoidable fiscal burden. With us, this will never happen with your business.


Imprecise accounts can bring a disaster. We ensure that this does not happen to your business regardless of its size and scale of operations.


Each problem is an opportunity. With us, there is always an opportunity to maximize your ROIs and make more lucrative investment decisions.

Why Our Services


The skills of our team are such that they can crack any complex issue smoothly, deal with any lawsuit, or make a plan for any complex achievement.


The team has more than 5 years of experience in different fields of expertise, ranging right from finance to accounting and strategic planning.

Long Vision

Our team does not suggest, plan, or solve anything for short-run gains. Our vision is far-sighted due to which you can expect the best service.


We do not hide anything from your clients. We believe in conveying as it is, whether it is a problem or a solution!

“My small business is a lot easier to manage now that I have Star Blatt managing my accounting. They keep me on track and give me the best advice and guidance. I could not be happier with their services.”

Ronald Nadia

“I can’t thank the team at Star Blatt enough for all that they did for my business. I’m so grateful to have found them and to know that I can count on them in the future.”

Lorri Duane

“I didn’t know what to expect when I called Star Blatt but the person who answered was very friendly and took the time to listen to my needs. He explained in detail how they could help me, and that I wouldn’t be pressured into anything I wasn’t comfortable with. The quality of service exceeded my expectations, so I really wanted to share that.”

Walter Felix

Nothing is hidden from our clients. We always have an open and honest dialogue, which makes us more likely to get your feedback.



Main Branch

Adam Snow
82 Wilkinson Street
Nashville, TN 37201

Phone: +1-615-405-7714


Our Brand in Europe

Phillip C Gallien
4423  Eagle Street
Olney, Illinois 62450

Phone: +99-618-395-5782