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You may have heard the old joke, “It is easy to stop smoking, I have done it lots of times”. Many a true word said in jest.

Given that the title of this article is ‘Vaping – Key to Quit Smoking’ it is possible that you are reading this because you have repeatedly tried to stop smoking and have lapsed back onto the evil weed. Personally, I previously found stopping smoking impossible, despite very compelling health and social reasons to do so. Over several years I tried to stop using every support that I could find which was available at the time

  • Cold Turkey, with the support of family and friends
  • Reading and researching the success strategies of others.
  • Following advice and suggestions in the media.
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy – Patches, gums and lozenges.
  • Quit Clinics, with support from professional workers

Each of these methods are worthy of praise – I certainly don’t regret attempting to stop smoking using any of them. If these methods above or a combination of them is proving, or has proved, a successful quitting technique for you that is very good news, well done! Sadly, whether I was motivated by a New Year’s Resolution, campaigns, bloody minded determinism, medical necessity or social persuasion – none of it kept me smoke free in the end.

When I discovered about vaping a decade back, the technology was in its infancy in comparison to the devices available today, even so they were a revelation to me. From my first activation of vaping device, I knew that I was going to stop smoking. Vaping use electrical power from a battery which forms its body, attached to this is a cartridge which contains a e-liquid also known as Vape Juice which is composed of a carrier fluid, nicotine and flavorings (e-liquid) – smoke comes from the vaporization of the e-liquid.

Using vape device provides many parallels to smoking tobacco, you inhale and exhale vapor which replicates the physical and emotional experience of smoking, and you also deliver nicotine to your body at a rate and repetition that feels just like using a cigarette.

Vape Juice do not contain tobacco and they do not combust, vaping fulfilled the need that drove me to keep smoking while allowing me to avoid the thousands of chemicals associated with burning tobacco. Additionally, they saved me a great deal of money, avoided me being known as a smoker and stopped the smell of cigarettes following my every move.

Not all vape juices are equal

There are many vape juices available to buy; sadly, they are not all as good as each other at reproducing nicotine delivery, vapor or taste. I know that there are some smokers who have tried some vape juice casually and found their satisfaction lacking.

Whenever anybody sees me ‘vaping’ and asks for my favorite vape juice, I always ask them to check out ELiquid Depot. Their products are very good at producing flavorsome, nicotine containing, vapor. You will give yourself the best possible chance of quitting smoking permanently using ELiquid Depot product line.